her dad is a smoker…

I was visiting at the pediatric ward last week. 
We were chatting when we notice that the kid from the opposite bed was coughing non-stop. It looks like she is 1 year plus. The father of the child was holding her close, perhaps trying to make her more comfortable despite the coughs.
Suddenly a nurse asked the mother of the child, who was standing right behind the father, “is her dad a smoker?”
The mother turns her head to look at her husband then turn back towards the nurse and nodded slowly. 
Then the nurse asks again, “did the father just come back from smoking?”
The mother did not respond.
Then the nurse starts her lecture. She said she knew the father just come back from smoking, right before he hold her daughter. The nurse tells them that the chemicals from the cigarette smoke are all over the father and when he hold her daughter close, the daughter is exposed with the dangerous chemicals, hence the cough.
Then the nurse asked again, “have your child been coughing like this today, before the father come?”
Again, the mother chooses not to answer.
The nurse answers her own question. She asked the mother to notice how her child only cough non-stop when her husband is around. This is clearly due to her husband’s habit of smoking.
Slowly and respectfully the mother gets the child and holds her, the father watching sadly. After few minutes, the cough subsides…the nurse said nothing…
….so are you a father? And are you a smoker?
More importantly, are you a smoker who couldn’t care less about your second smoker?!
p/s: it amazed me when they said that the e-cigarette will cause chronic illnesses, even worse than the ‘original’ cigarette… renung-renungkanlah… 😉

2 thoughts on “her dad is a smoker…

  1. ateng sui keau..i couldn't agree more..a tama kou 'pulik' pun bcoz of smoking..but yet cigarettes will never be banned coz they bring along enormous amount of tax to fill up 'their' pockets..

  2. yurps. even when our religion consider smoking is haram, they quickly shush the issue….

    by the way, i am sorry about a tama keau.

    and by the way, keau kah gak twitter kou? 😛

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