new year

Finally things are falling to its place….and not falling into pieces.
Putting together the pieces of life is hard-work, challenging even but that is what keeping us alive.
I have been avoiding people who make me unhappy and uncomfortable and I find myself smiling even more. One day they will understand why I am keeping my distance and one day they will stop looking for me and I am fine with it.
Spend my new year eve’s at one of Malaysia’s hot spot to celebrate new year….as sad as I am to see my people getting drunk and wearing clothes smaller than a baby’s diapers, I am amazed to hear 1001 language as I was walking through an alley that night. It shows how different races can come together peacefully.
Remembered something from grey’s anatomy, friends are family that we choose. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends who are like angels to me. All their support and help throughout my life is something I can never repay.
Turning 27 this year…I can no longer feel esthetically happy but I am calm and happier than ever.
I am slowly seeing things from different perspective each time.  My belief on there-is-always-2-side-of-every-story is stronger than ever. I am learning to stop judging people….to truly stop judging people.
A friend shared an article on how 2 opposite sex can’t be just friends. According from the research done, in that so call ‘just-friends’ relationship, there is a hidden lust/desire of wanting more than being friends. I have a totally different view. But perhaps it is because I divert my ‘just-friends’ relationship to like-siblings-relationship.
Finally, what is yours is yours, what is not yours, will never be yours. 🙂

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