A blessing in disguise

Last Saturday, something happened and makes me realized in a blink of an eye, I could’ve lost friends of mine.
Days after the incident, I find myself thinking about them more and more. I knew them about 2 years ago and although we were living on the different continent, we were still as close as we can be. I dare to say, I see them as my own siblings….that is how they treats me…macam adik beradik
Though the incident shocked us to the core (or at least me!) and more than once, tears were shed, I can still see this is a blessing. It is like a reminder for us. I appreciate them even more and I appreciate life and death even more…
There is a saying, “death silence paltry feelings”… I couldn’t agree more.
Death and tragedy reminds us of the important things in life. It put us back into perspective. Reminds us our living purpose and remind us how temporary everything is.
There is another saying, ‘ the greatest lost is when you sacrifice everything in present just to prepare for the future’… what is future without present? Sure, we need to prepare for the future, but does it means we need to stop living in the present, so we can live in the future? What if the future never come?
Another analogy is that, how a husband slaves day and night, ignoring his wife and kids so that they can have a better future. Little that he knows that, without present, there is no future. What is the point of missing the present part of your child life so that they can have a better life (i.e more money!) in the future?
Everything is about being balance…keep it balance…
Prepare for the future but also live in the moment…

4 thoughts on “A blessing in disguise

  1. we worry about our future lives, and neglect to live our present ones.

    the more we worry about getting happiness, the less time we have being happy.

    we sacrifice our lives to collect wealth, then lose our lives worrying about protecting it.

    life it seems, is a conundrum.

    ihfazillah, yahfazka. jagalah Allah, nescaya Allah menjaga kamu.

    dunia, memang suatu yang pelik.

  2. apa2 pun ada rahmat di sebaliknya…apa2 pun…walaupun sumtimes kita kenang2 n wonder what if…what would hv happened if…

  3. ye lah tu.. sanggup ke kalo husband you keje jual burger je?

    idea je dik oii.. hati tetap nak yg ahli keporat duit berkepuk

  4. anon….dunia, makin di kejar, makin jauh….akhirat, makin di kejar, makin dekat…

    estranged…..playing the 'what if' game is a insanity….cuz it will never change anything…..kan?

    zabed, ” Everything is about being balance…keep it balance…
    Prepare for the future but also live in the moment…” ….kalo dia jadi fames macam ramlee burger, why not?! 😛 and btw, duit berkepuk tu leh habis…duit jual burger lak leh jadi berkepuk…depends la kan….

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