Huwau lamak gila x update blog. Sngaja ngeso gago/busy. Hehe….just kidding….truth is my workload is kicking my hmmm… all energy and effort dicurahkan ke kerja and berehat selepas keja….no more extra time for casual reading…..isk… reading are now about my class and such…and nope you guys don’t wanna hear about it.
Except maybe one…..recently yahoo published an article regarding the real case of Benjamin button…..somewhere in this world, there are two brothers whose mind/thinking is rapidly changing into childlike again…they are about 30 plus but act like 10. No…its not acting…its who they are now….i guess the worst part is that they have their lucid moment and it is in that moment they wonder how and why their life has changed so dramatically. ….well…this is relevant to my class cuz the condition is due to the degeneration of myelin sheath in their brain….if I am not mistaken, remember Japanese drama, One Liter Tears? The girl in that drama is also suffering the same condition….only their symptom are different.
Did you hear about genocide in Gaza? Who haven’t right?
Did you hear about how our brothers and sisters arguing about to boycott or not? Who haven’t right?
Actually there is this one post in FB, that casually explain why our beloved country is not under attack….i love the way the author explain why….according to him, it is because we, as Malaysian are already under attack…all the arguments and berpecah-belah and such…well…who needs outsider to destroy us?
Few nights ago, a friend was on duty because of the tunjuk perasaan sumwhere-sumwhere. It baffles me how or why this culture enter our peaceful country. I mean, you said it is to fight against corruption….hello….korang belajar budaya tunjuk perasaan dari Negara jiran kan? Macam mana keadaan Negara jiran sekarang?!
So you guys said it is a peaceful rally and it is the police that cause chaos. Let me tell you this, gather 10 angry emotional man in a room and place one cop there. Let them wait and do nothing and just boils their emotion and anger by the minute… I dare you to tell me that they wont be violent…….Tell me that! Ensure me that!
Now apply this to the so called Peaceful Rally! Memula memang la peaceful cuz everybody can still keep their emotion under control….over time?! Come on…pk sendiri la…..buat la slalu and you will see how it will slowly destroy our country…..i mean that is what you want right?
Yang peliknya, masa Gaza under attack, pehal mamat2 n minah2 tunjuk perasaan ni x g tunjuk perasaan? Tunjukla perasaan korang yang membara2 tu….. g klua ramai2 kumpul derma….hasil kutipan derma, salurkan ke Gaza…..kan korang suka nak berkumpul ramai2 and buat kecoh…so why not contribute your passion into something useful and more productive…
Eh….this is supposed to be my casual post….hehe…turns up I have anger and upset pent up inside… I love my peaceful country….i do realize it flaws but it sadden me when people cudnt care enough to keep it peaceful…changes is good….but please be more civilized…..hidup kita kat dunia ni pendek je bang…
Ok….with that I rest my case….

5 thoughts on “smart-casual….

  1. hidup kite nie pdk je dik..sanggup ke ditanya di akhirat, sama ade kite menentang penindasan…sdgkan nenek moyang kite pun tunjuk perasaan tentang malayan union, adakah kite masih nk dikatekan belajar dari negara jiran?

    fikir2kan..dan selidik2 sebelum berkata…

  2. sometimes when d time passed by we wonder are we doing d right thing or d wrong or perhaps nothing… d articles says something abt d rally.. some peoples might say that its their way of showing patriotism… but they forgot abt another few millions who dont even care abt the rally but doing d greater thing via greater way.. producing great output and greater values… ad-din insya'Allah.. d part that i smiled when i read anon comment is tat he oversee our country history by saying we followed our ancestors in doing rallies.. if he truly knows our history.. we opted rally frm our neighbour and d turks… but our ancestors r brighter.. they dont opted it for bad.. they proposed election.. fair n square.. to gain our independence.. may god bless our ancestors for their bright thinking.. may god open up d path to our “rally” generation.. at least for em to pick up a book and study bfore bombarding others.. amin…

  3. the watcher….thanks for making it clear…and yes. i admit my limited knowledge in this area….all i know is the anger i felt when thousands suffers due to the rally ( i am referring to those whose periuk nasi terganggu due to the rally)…when they cause chaos/damage to the country, we spend millions cleaning up the mess (btw, do u know one of the most common trash after the rally is BRASSIERE?! pelik tapi benar)…and yes, i do realized the unfortunates in our country, who suffers because of the corruption….tapi xkan nak gali lubang untuk cover lubang kot wahai anon?!

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