Hope and faith

Hope and faith
Loose one and you might lose your appetite for life
Last weekend was crazy fun…. It didn’t start well and I almost didn’t go….bak kata orang tua-tua, ekot rasa, binasa.
Anyway, I sucked it up and go anyway…and truly had fun. I push aside everything and I mean everything and just live for the moment.
Spend a night at my sister’s place. She has 3 kittens who is crazily adorable….you will just fall in love with them straight away. Instantly I realized how easy it is to fall in love with god’s creation, big or small.
Then we drove to our destination. Arriving at their place around 1 plus, ate some Sup Kambing. It was scrumptious! They say meat does not melt but this one is close to melting in your mouth. It is super tender and it is cleaned superbly thus all the deliciousness of a goat’s meat flavors the soup without that Kambing Smell! Embekkkkkk
Too bad it so late at night, and I was super conscious about eating that heavy at such hour….ended up only eating one small bowl…when the truth is I can easily consume 3 big bowls.. 😛
So we stayed up till subuh..preparing things for the majlis…it was fun, tiring but fun…they went out and get some roti canai (YUP!) and I find myself having a piece of roti canai at 4 am! Haha…so much of my consciousness eh…
The majlis went well…we were all extremely sleepy, midway of the majlis, most of us escape to our dreamland for a brief second….then my sweethearts from the north came and they insist on me joining them to the island… I was torn between two places…I can easily leave and join them but it wouldn’t be that nice cuz I am there for the majlis and not for a holiday….but hehe…after getting the green light from the organizer, I went to the island with my sweethearts and boy I had so much fun, I am still smiling till this very second. What they say is true, the best things in life are free….minus the money paid for transportation n food and accommodation that is..  😛
Went snorkeling and swimming and jet skiing…hang out and talk about everything there is on the surface of the earth…ate IceCream Magnum at 1 am…share a cup of Maggi Mee…the closing was perfect…I was thrown off the jet-ski….for a brief second, I was nervous…but then I quickly resurface and keep myself floating while laughing my head off….it was hard to get back on the jet ski cuz I was laughing so hard….
One thing I realized is that, it doesn’t matter where you are going and what you are doing…not so much as it matters in who are you with…I’ve been friends with this great people for almost 2 years now and nothing can compare the kindness they have to offer. They don’t treat me like a princess. They treat me as a human…as their sibling and that is the best thing a friend can give to us….we fight n argue but ‘air di cincang takkan putus’…
Looking forward for our next get-together-session!!

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