Is it?
It is sad but I think that is part of life
Throughout your life, you will meet hundred if not thousands of people.
Some stay, some left
Some stay and you love it
Some stay and you are uncomfortable with it
Some left and you feel it is ok
Some left and you miss them all the time
But hey, why mourn over something that is gone?
Dont make enemy, but you dont have to keep everyone
Ever heard of the story about a girl who has a hundred close friends but in the end she has no one?
Simply said, our resources are limited
Our time and money and energy is limited
It is like the friendship is liquefied when you have too many close friends
You need to manage the time so you can be fair to all of them and to yourself not forgetting your family
So yup.I dont think it is possible
This bring us to our topic;
Keep that matters and let go of the rest
Dont make enemy but you dont need one hundred close friends
Sometimes things happen and you and your best friend drift apart
It is ok.forgive and let it go
If in the future our path crosses again, smile and perhaps the long coffee chat can happenagain.and again. 🙂
So if one day you and I drift apart, just remember, I do not hate you, I forgive you and hope you can forgive me toowhy I stay away? Because at that moment of time, I am not comfortable to be around youshould we try again in the future if our path crosses, maybe we should.maybe we should not.let time tell

5 thoughts on “Transition

  1. and if, in the future, our paths do cross again, perhaps a cup of cofee can go far beyond reconnecting a lost friendship..perhaps..

    perhaps =)

  2. sad? not really
    once we realize how transient the world is, it makes no difference.

    i was alone in my mothers belly;
    i will be alone when i'm in earth's belly as well.

    we always were that way.

    life is a perpetual state of alone-ness.
    alone but not lonely! 😀

  3. estranged….i have few suspects of who u r…but hey…malas mahu pk… 😛 one day i'm gonna meet u again…insya allah….

    anon…so true….by the end of the day…its you and you alone & me and me alone….

  4. masa dtg n pergi..yup..sometimes things make us feel sad..dats indicating ht kta x mati..dtg n pg..semuanya fitrah kjadian..stiap itusm ada dlm seda o x..adlah didikan utk ht..mlh kta jrng prasan..dgn mluangkn ms sminit 2 utk mnyusun deretan takdir yg lalu..ia sebnya mmbuatkn kt smakin kuat.ujian dtg..kta bbisik sndiri..Ilmu Allah peneman tbaik..ia akn mlembutkan ht yg mungkin smakin keras..yg kmudian lembut kmbali..n dr itu..kta sebnya smakin kuat..2 face apa yg mndatang..bcoz Allah Maha Mengetahui ap d dpn kta..lbh2 fitrah kjadian yg tiada sifat bkekalan kcuali yg 4 wic i think u know..we r not alone if we r well prepared 🙂 Cnteknya aturan Allah..thanks readin..just typin wuts flyin in my mind aftr readin kta smakin kuat.. 🙂

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