Bajet Bagus

Was singing out loud to Pocketful of sunshine, by Natalie sumtin sumtin when a  thought crosses my mind.
Not so long ago I feel offended when friends especially married friends, somehow judge me for not being married (yet). They gave me a long boastful speech on how wonderful their life is, how perfect they feel when they have their babies, what an amazing support their husband is and bla bla bla they talk like I am single by choice and it is me who refuse commitment and I want to stay single forever (and ever)
I remember feeling hurt and wanting to tell them, please, dont be too proud with what you have, it is all fate and life is not forever. In a blink of an eye, that could all go away (and in a blink of an eye as well, I could have it all, or even better)
I was bitter inside and I hated that.
Anyway, what brings back this memory is that, I am now feeling on top of the world and when friends said they would very much want that feeling as well, I would start to say, just believe in fateInsya Allah.
Wow.when I heard myself saying that, I get scared and even concerned.
I am scared that I will be like that in the future. Judging others and start to feel like I am better than them.
It is so hard to keep your feet on the ground when you are bouncing up n down giddily
It is so hard not to seem like to be above everyone else when you are floating so happily.
Ohhh..smoga kita semua terpelihara dari celaan manusia dan paling utama celaan-Nya..

8 thoughts on “Bajet Bagus

  1. people will always talk. dont listen. what matters is what you chose to do for your own life. dont comes in time. jodoh comes in time. being married is nice but as long as you're happy then no problem being single a little longer than some of your friends. just be happy and the rest of life's pleasures will come.

  2. yup, semua tu hanyalah sementara plus kalau dh kufur nikmat!astaghfirullah..
    em..have you ever try to find 'someone'??im just asking..dont feel anything..yeah, still its all in Allah..;)))..chill!

  3. Yup, kufur nikmat will not last'uzubillah.emmm..may i ask somethng?have you ever try to find 'someone' or already have someone but its not 'time' yet?;))..chill!please dont feel anything.,,im just asking..

  4. 🙂 yup….bajet 2013…lets feed the rakyat more fish….dont bother to teach them fishing! 😛 (ooppss….terlepas….haha….)

    dear estranged….sometimes i do wonder who are you…..thanks dear…

    aira…love ur name…anyway…that is for me to know and you to find out… 😉

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