Hidup ini bagaikan mencari gula dalam bekas garam

Love this!
Hidup ini bagaikan mencari gula dalam bekas garam
Gula manis
Garam masin
Gula dan garam keduanya putih dan hampir serupa fizikalnya
Nak cari gula dalam bekas garam?
Kurang waras kali nak?
When I was younger (much younger), my mission in life is to be happy…I was so desperately looking for happiness till I was unhappy.
Smiling is the easiest thing for me but deep inside, I wasn’t smiling as widely as I am on the outside …
Luckily I finally realized that, it is not happiness that I must seek for….but rather ketenangan…calm
Orang yang tenang, bila dapat berita baik, dia bersyukur, dia dapat pahala.
Orang yang tenang, bila dapat berita kurang baik, dia bersabar, dia dapat pahala.
Insya Allah…. (I am quoting Prof Muhaya)
And now when I am smiling, I am happy….inside and outside…
I can’t remember who said this, but someone said that, always try to leave an imprint in life….start with something simple, e.g, “make it a mission to be someone who smile a lot till the first thing people remember about you is your smile”…
I am definitely targeting that…I want to be remembered as someone who loves to smile (cuz I do and enjoyed doing it and it makes me feel warm inside)….
And I am practicing it at my workplace. People don’t know me that much. I am so bad at small chat and I don’t really hang out with them, but people will smile when they saw me cuz they know they will get one back! 😉
Not sure what is the point of my post today….but hey….. lets just smile and say, “wow….she really loves rambling…”
p/s: thanks to you for sharing the phrase….

4 thoughts on “Hidup ini bagaikan mencari gula dalam bekas garam

  1. peace! 🙂

    what my teacher taught me about happiness:

    happiness is not in getting whatever you want,
    happiness is not having to run anymore.

    that is the essence of peace!

    you see people run here and there,just to get this or that.
    and then what? they just repeat the process. and unending cycle of self torment. we are just too numb to feel it, let alone admit it.

    kena maki tak mudarat;
    kena puji tak manfaat.

    😀 (hey, im a fellow rambler!)

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