Besar harapan hari tok

Mok join walk-a-mile … p x jadi sbb hujan so mata pun terlelap lekak berniat tdo kejap jak kejappppp jak lekak subuh…. 

Mok nangga grey’s anatomy latest episode …. P x jadi juak sebab nya lom abiz loading since lastnite. The internet connection is crazy slow and I can’t even begin to say the frustration that I felt.

So plan untuk cuci kereta, kemaskan laman rumah yang dah jadi macam secondary forest and kol 10 patutnya ke damai sebab ada event with student. Masih pk mok g ka sik. I am still very much sunburned from my last trip. So klak la decide.
Anyway, I was browsing through Instagram and start to follow those who upload amazing scenery pictures. Then I compared it with my own uploads. Unfortunately my uploads was as boring as it can be with pictures of food, my bangles, more food, beauty products and (fortunately) a bit of scenery. 

Anyway (again) last week I heard a talk that enlightens the ethics on sharing information on social network. Have you ever asked yourself why you say things that you said on FB/Twitter and so on? Have you ever think that each time you post something like, “coffee session at Starbucks Shibuya Crossing”, you actually cause your haters to hate you more and you are actually hurting the feelings of those who couldn’t afford such luxury? (Of course I am one of the crazies who LOVE to post everything online).

Have you heard about how when we are cooking something so tasty, and if our neighbors can smell our cooking, we are supposed to share it with them, even just a little? …. supaya jiran tak terliur….

I guess it’s the same policy with our social network. Each time we want to post something, ask our self why and is it necessary? Will it bring more pros or cons?

And finally and excerpt from “Rasul Mulia, Akhlak Mulia, Umat Mulia” ;

One thought on “Terliur

  1. benar sebenar-benarnya..communication..just dat, it is virtual..in reality, b4 tk we can just nanggar da “exterior design” ajak..but technology somehow brings us a step further..towards interior..sikitla..which was fully invi.. 🙂 you are true, definitely true even masak pun perlu jaga adab, esp yg aromanya menusuk kalbu..n mostly mcm jd trend, pagar rmh yg sampe sik nampak jiran sblh, it is everywhere, learn/read talk practice, gud post nway. 🙂

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