Mine is black….what’s yours?

I am currently watching mtv

Kinda bored but pretty overwhelmed with my readings

Yesterday,  I went to see my boss and i spent few minutes unable to talk because I couldn’t stop coughing. Turns out my addiction to coffee making my coughing so much worst.

I am going to my bestie wedding today. Pretty excited for her. They have been together for 8 years. The guy had a crush on her since god knows when… hehe….happy for you!!

She is so pretty. I asked her how did she manage to maintain her weight and she said it has been a year since she ate NASI….this is not the first time I heard such things. It’s the no-carb diet. I desperately need this. One thing u must do when you r on this diet is that you must keep yourself hydrated. Otherwise it would be bad for your body because low carbs means high protein…and tralalala u must keep yourself hydrated (I refuse to give u guys the biochemistry speech… :p)


It is my preferred colour for most of my dress. People said I love it because it kinda hide my fattiness….and I said it is because black makes me looks good…same meaning, different way of saying it.. 😉

I honestly have nothing against wearing rainbow-coloured clothing but for me myself, I prefer dark colour…and black is the nicest!

Some people said it affect my moods and I told them, when I am comfortable, I feel good and when I feel good, my mood elevated.

So nope, black has nothing to do with my mood.

It is just how you see me.

How can you tell if I am sad (or happy) when I am smiling so widely till my cheek hurts?

My point is, don’t judge me unless you truly know me… 😉

Heard a story about how once a co-worker also loves to wear black to work, then one day her superior call her and asked her to wear something else. I mean other colour apart from black.

When I first heard this, I think it is absurd for her superior to do so. But come to think of it, it is not that ridiculous. Perhaps her superior is one of many people who tend to judge people based on their appearance and appearance only! It is true that dari mata jatuh ke hati but hey, it is so much more than that.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta. So just give that person a chance. Perhaps her personality is more colourful than her clothing. I am certainly aiming for that.

It is actually fun to challenge yourself doing such things. For example, trying to make yourself more colourful behind all that blackness. 

Another challenge is to stay cheerful and upbeat even when it is raining heavily and there is thunder now and then.

Believe it or not, our mood does being affected by our surrounding. I’ve mentioned before why during rainy days, we tend to feel less upbeat compared to sunny day. (make it extra hot and stuffy day, then you will be close to being grumpy… :P)

okey…..i need to get ready for my friend’s wedding! I am SO EXCITED! 😀

4 thoughts on “Mine is black….what’s yours?

  1. em, kmk mengamalkan diet xda nasik juak. tp since posa riya, alu sekpat mek xpat mkn nasik. sbb terlalu best rupa nasik ya di bazar. campor gik raya. udah kita, xpat tahanss. hahahaha

    tp rasa lebeh sehat sbenarnya x makan nasik. mek rasa gia dolok. and unluckyly, tek mkn nasik. adoh. hahaa.

    and kmk dolok, nyebal perut, makan laok ajak. then lebehkan makan sayor. rasanya jaoh lebeh kenyang n kurang lapar mun gia. tp start makan nasik balit, cepat lapar 🙂

  2. last week my entire office was coughing.i'm getting better as of this weekend tho.hope u get better soon as well, afiela.

  3. what i found:

    people who go out of their way to conform to other people's expectations, are the most miserable.

    sure you'll see the smile, but hidden behind it is pure misery..


    😀 maybe im just abit crazy!

  4. mr.abs…yalah tek…suma bah camya nektok. sik makan nasi putih, roti putih dan apa2 yg putih…..doakan kmk lok…. 😛

    enstranged, i think that is because of the holiday….too many softdrinks and sweet cookies! hehe

    anonymous! mena kata dirik….those who thinks and care too much about what others said about them would be miserable! ask me! been there, done that! 🙂

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