Raya Raya Raya and Weddings and More Wedding

Raya has been perfect mixture of family and friends
I know I said after that each raya but hey..it’s the truth
After raya, I have more than 3 weddings invitation…
Not to mention so many of my friends mendapat cahaya mata since last month….latest was few days ago, a healthy baby boy. Wishing you guys all the best…marriage and parenthood.
Where does that leave me? Here! Menumpang kebahagiaan kengkawan… 😉
Okay…I know I haven’t been to most of the weddings… I was too caught up doing something else during the weekend…I will just send my prayers…..once a married friend told me that if I didn’t go to my friend’s wedding, nobody will attend mine….quickly I added, “so you went to the weddings so that they will attend your second wedding is it?!”….he laughed his head off… 😛
Oohhh….during one of my fabulous raya visits, the issue polygamy was raised by one of my friends. I don’t know why but they get the impression that I am against it. Haha…oh well…they get the impression that I am a feminist. Must be because of the questions shooting out of my mouth……
What’s the definition of being fair?
What does educated means?
And bla bla bla…
But just to share, I found something truly captivating and meaningful regarding polygamy, (and a whole lot more on women and their daily issues); Tafsir Wanita dalam Al-Quran, by Syeikh Mad Zaki Al-Barudi. You should be able to find it at MPH or any other bookstore. It’s simple, easy to understand and I find myself couldn’t stop reading it. The only downside of it was it was so heavy and thick…
On the other side of the world, 3 of my best friends are getting married this month and next month…wishing all the best to them… 😉
My heart and mind is screaming to settle down soon but nope…not gonna rush it. Gonna do it right this time.
Honestly, I haven’t been reading enough to share something more informative with you guys….haihhh….to much fun!!
Have a great day people! 😉
p/s: btw friends, we are supposed to ganti puasa before we can puasa sunat! 😉 please confirmed this if you are not sure… 😉

4 thoughts on “Raya Raya Raya and Weddings and More Wedding

  1. ganti puasa and puasa 6 can run concurrently i was taught.. remembered one ustaz as well on “tanyalah ustaz” saying that regarding puasa 6 for womenfolk who had to miss ramadhan fasts..

    Islam is a fair religion 🙂
    make it easy and not make it hard..
    but dont take it easy 😀

  2. it's been years since we last spoke.you've been thru so much and grown so much and been so strong and been so brave.well done afiela.hope you stay who you are and find everlasting peace and happiness.one of these days someone will be so lucky.and so will you.May Allah keep you safe and blessed.Ameen.

    i know dear, that was my understanding as well before this, but recently, i learned that it couldn't happened that way. My apology, but shud've been more clear on this before saying such things. We both need to confirmed this… definitely…

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