Happy Birthday Me.

 I love august particularly because of today. I know. I am that narcissist.

Today has been ok. Apart from the shocking sms I got early in the morning ( yup…shocking…xperlu bermusuh…p xperlu berkawan…lets go our separate ways)….apart from that, other sms/msgs has been nothing but warm and sweet. Like this soft gooey caramel that tasted so warm and just enough sweetness. I love my friends and thankfully they love me to. (again…I am that narcissist). Haha

My little sisters bought a variety of cake for me. Being a crazy-cake-lover, I am jumping up and down. I literally jump up and down as she tries to arrange the different type of cake into one round-piece of cake. There are even candles and all. That is truly sweet of her. 😉

I am 26 today. There are parts of me so grateful of who I am and where I am now and part of me yearning for more. But it’s good I still have that yearning. Meaning I still have some hope and dreams inside of me.

I am looking forward to next week…..Raya Raya Raya! 😉

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