Pygmy Elephant

Look up in any dictionary and you will find the definition of polygamy, basically as this; the practice or condition of having more than one spouse, usually wife, at one time.

In Islam the limit is 4 wives. There are 3 main rules;
i.                     Not more than 4 wives at one moment of time
ii.                   The husband must be fair to all of the wives
iii.                  The husband must be able to support the wives zahir & batin.

The rules seem simple but being fair is the hardest thing of all. We may able to divide money and time precisely, but are we able to divide love and attention precisely as well?

I’ve learn long ago that men are able to love and care more than one woman. Trust me, they can. Think about it.

Without polygamy, prostitution, unmarried women and child out of wedlock will become common….like it is now. Think about it.

It bothers me when people so strongly argue against polygamy without knowing what they are talking about. 

It bothers me even more when a married guy wanting to have one wife when 3 days ago he sighed about having to support his one and only wife.

Do it the right way and it will bring you benefit. 

Do it your way and you will see your world crumbling around you.

2 thoughts on “Pygmy Elephant

  1. yay!…? ehm.. or nay?

    when u marry, u have to divorce part of yourself.

    most of us just love ourselves too much.

    our love is nothing more being infatuated with the idea of romance and lust.

    we haven't moved from the animalistic nature.

    because we keep feeding it.

    there are two sides in every human, the one you feed the most, wins.

    there are many secrets in the fasting.we just seem to notice the least of it.


  2. I am not sure why but people keeps on telling me that when you are married, you will need to divorce part of yourself/your family.
    But I am sure that if i am married, all i want to do is mixed it all up and find a balance between myself, my new family and my 'previous' family.
    I know what the priority are…but that is definitely what i will do…and perhaps one day, when i am married, you will read my blog post about this, whether i succeed (or failed) in doing so! 😉

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