Something borrowed

So how many of us woke up today and smile, grateful that you are still alive. On the bonus side, you have shelter, warm water and food.

Have it ever occurred to you that in a blink of an eye that everything that you have could all go away?

I was driving home yesterday. I was smiling happily; in my mind was how grateful I am for everything I have today. I own a car! I can drive myself here and there without troubling others. 

Suddenly a thought crosses my mind. This could all go away. I could crashed and damage the car. I could be injured so severely I can’t even walk.

Anything can happen and it is beyond my control.

I can only be grateful for what I have.

Thousands of time have I heard how everything that we have, is not really our own. If life itself is something borrowed, forget about everything else.

I remembered a story on how a man was on his way to a relative’s place and on his way there, his son, who is accompanying him, fell sick. This happens hundreds of years ago and the only means of transportation is the horse ride. So the days of travelling take its toll on the son and not so long after that the son died. The man calmly continues his journey after burying his son.

He didn’t cry, he didn’t regret the journey.

The man was sick himself. He injures his arm somehow and the wound started to get infected. Once he reached his relative’s place, he realized that infection has worsened till there is no way to save his arm. He has no choice but to amputate his arm so that the infection won’t spread to the rest of his body. So he went to the doctor and had the amputation.

Once again, he accepts things calmly and never once he regretted the journey.

He knows everything that he ‘owns’ (his son and his arm), are actually borrowed. If fate has it that he loses both, he accept it as it is and calmly continue with his life.  

Life and everything else in this world is borrowed.

We may use it as we like but in the same time, we owe to the owner to take care of it and be ready to return it upon the owner’s wishes.

Who is the owner then?


One thought on “Something borrowed

  1. we forget that originally we have nothing.
    and we still have nothing.
    what we are is merely as a conduit to spread what the real Owner gave us.

    its like your hands, if you keep your fist clenched you won't receive anymore. in order to receive more, you have to open you fist.

    let everything that touches your hand, pass through your fingers,
    before it moves and takes hold of your heart and becomes a disease.

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