I am someone who believes in karma.

I believe that what goes around comes back around.

I also believe in “buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali”.

Recently I read that if we cover the flaws of others, Allah will cover ours. In the night, when we do something so shamefully wrong and it didn’t being exposed, meaning Allah is giving us the chance to do it right, to confess our sins and never do it again. Bertaubat. That is the reason why not all of our flaws being exposed…
The merciful and forgiving Allah is giving us the chances to be good again and again.

There is this saying in Malay, “buat baik di balas baik” meaning by doing good deeds to others, you will get something good in return.

So does this means you are never sincere in doing something? Cuz sincerity basically means doing something without expecting being rewarded or such.


In my own perspective, we must hold on to the saying, “buat baik di balas baik”…not because we are not sincere, cuz it is that belief that will continuously motivate us to help others. When, how and what do we get back in return, leave that to the Al-Mighty.

Kita tak tahu rezeki kita dalam bentuk apa. 
We will never know what form of rezekiours is. 
Could it be wealth, or health, or happiness or any other forms that we might not expect. 
Every good things, no matter how small or big, is a rezeki…. 
Even bad things, no matter how small or big, can be rezeki depending on how we see them. See them as something challenging, and it will turn into something educational, thus the lesson learn from it is a rezeki… 😉

In English, the synonym for rezeki is sustenance, fortune, livelihood, food, luck, income, means of living or earnings…this shows how wide the range of rezeki is.

So bottom line is, be good to others and the world will return your kindness… Insya Allah

3 thoughts on “KARMA

  1. ahh sincerity… a great mystery.

    those who claim, have not.
    those who trade, loses.
    those who look, are lost.

    indeed what is sincerity?

    absence perhaps? (of self as the doer?)

    thats an honest question btw 🙂

    (is it still considered honest since i mentioned “honest”?)

  2. insya Allah..He knows better what we need..we may think what we got is not right or not as we wish and pray for..but how sure? We might be middle of highway to the wishes which surely best for us..Aamiin..

  3. Sincerity is a great mystery. We can even doubt our own sincerity. Maybe the best way is do thing with our utmost sincere and leave it there.
    p/s: i think you are honest enough since you mention that that is an honest question. 😛

    Allah knows best…. 😉

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