The more i go through life….the more i realized how abstract other people’s life really is to us..and how different our life from others…there are points in our life where it intersect with other people’s life but looking at the bigger picture, we will see how different the two lives actually is….

A man enter a train-couch with his two sons. He immediately takes a seat and close his eyes. His two sons are literally bouncing off the wall of the couch. This create a very uncomfortable situation to other passengers….some passengers can feel their blood boiling up as the boys playing around noisily and bumping into one passengers to another. A glance at the father, makes them even angrier. “How can a man let his sons disturb other people, while he himself, resting peacefully?”

An old man, who is getting more and more irritated with the boys, gets up and take a seat next to the father. Instead of cursing angrily, he took a deep breath and say to the man,” son, is everything ok?”

The father, hearing this old wise voice, opens his eyes and look at the stranger’s face. He knew the question was asked because his sons are bothering the other passengers. He is well aware of that.

He inhaled a deep breath and say, “my wife has been sick and my sons havent seen their mother for months. Lastnight i got a phonecall from the hospital saying the kids may visit their mom this morning. They woke up so early today and get all excited cuz they are going to see their mum, whom they missed so so dearly…. but while waiting for the train just now, i got another phonecall from the hospital….my wife is gone, the mother of my kids has passed away…and i dont know what to tell my sons…………”




Get the picture? Can you see how abstract the situation really is?

Imagine we are one of the passengers.

Our first instinct is that how irresponsible the father is. As we get more and more bothered with the boys, we will become restless. Not knowing what has really happened, we would start cursing under our breath. We might even confront the father angrily…..

But suddenly we heard the story….now, how do we feel? Are we still cursing under our breath? Do we still think the father irresponsible?

Life is actually how we define them….with or without truth at that very moment…

The life of others really is an abstract to all of us…..

Morale of the story; Who are we to judge the father?….who are we to judge the others?….


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2 thoughts on “abstract

  1. well put. but the reality is in our daily “busy-ness” (created or otherwise), we are only used to reacting to surface level events.

    instead of getting deeper, we get shallower as snap judgements are required and speed (read: impatience) is rewarded increasingly as a sign of efficiency.

    the fact we keep forgetting: you can't fix a deeper problem with a surface solution.

    take time to smell the flowers and stare at the sky wontcha? 😛

  2. haha…. i look up at the sky every chance i got…as much as i look down on the earth that my feet landed and staring into the space i am entering. 😉

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