Something light

So the 2 days’ workshop has ended.
I didn’t expect I will feel this relief, but I did.
I didn’t expect the relief cuz I still have tons of other things to do.
But I read somewhere how stressed is actually a choice.
You know how we tend to complain how busy we are with our work and such.
Like how we missed our lunch because we are so caught up in our work.
Or counting how many weekends we missed cuz we have to work.
Everything about this, we love to tweeted/shared on facebook/told to someone else!
Have you ever stop and asked yourself why you want to tell the world about all this?
Is it because it makes you feel important? Makes you look important?
Well, perhaps it’s our unconscious mind making us to do so.
Do you realize that most of that last-minute chaos can actually be avoided?
Do you realize that that entire burden can be eased through delegating?
Do you realize that through careful planning and sticking to the plan can actually help you to settle the work on time, without needing you to sweat over it in the last minute?
But then again, have you watch “He’s not that into you?” …remember when that bar guy (can’t remember his name) tell the girl that she loves drama in her life. He asked her if she loves to delay paying the bills till the very last minute, or how she loves to create this crazy scene in her head when a guy said he is gonna call but he never did.
What I am trying to imply is that most of us loves drama, whether we realized it or not.
Some of us didn’t, these are the group of people who live by the rule, pay the bill on time (or earlier), wear safety belts, didn’t tinted their car at all, never played truant in school and such!
But I dare to say that most of us didn’t belong to the 2nd group.
We belong to the 1st group.
It’s like we purposely caused minor trouble to ourselves just to spice up our life. ..right?! 😉
Which group do you belong to?

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