He said She said

 It still amazes me how easily it is for grown-ups to believe what others said “bulat-bulat’.
But what amazes me more is how easily I forget that words are usually lost in transition (ker translation? Iskk)…
The translation will somehow change as it being transited from one person to another…. (that is more like it).
Being someone who always being accused of this and that and having a mom who taught me silence is the best defend, I should’ve known better.
I lost my cool yesterday when someone accuses me of spreading rumors about them.
I guess what anger me the most is that I exceptionally make it as an objective for me, daily, as to not talk about others (let it be good thing or bad), since my daily place is a very gossipy place, and I know how easily it is for words to get lost in transition (it is just that sometimes I forget this).

But come to think of it, it is true I’ve said such things. I didn’t go around spread it but I told one person close to me and it meant well. Too bad it was being passed along/received as something negative. When I get the ‘words’ back yesterday, it was being delivered negatively…thus explain my upsets.

I went home and analyze the situation again and again and once again I realized…love me or hate me for who i really am… don’t love me or hate me for someone i am not …

how easy it is to please Allah….cuz He is the Al-Mighty who sees everything and fair in everything….as human…we have our flaws…
So this brings me to my 2nd conclusion today, we can’t make people love us or hate us, it is their own wish.
We can be nice to others cuz that is clearly better than hurting other people. Tell me if you ever feel truly happy after hurting others… Tell me if you feel better when you can make someone else smile.
…exactly! 😉
p/s: oh well…what is life without a little bit of high-school drama…cuz we all still have that little kid in us….just wish people will stop drag me into their drama….mine is High-School Musical…and yours is…well, the one you are dragging me into, is apa nama musical yg psl nya bunuh2 org ya…ala yg that hensem man blakon dlm cita pirates of the caribean ya bah…yang psl barber ya….. yupp….that’s the one! 😉 i wish you well sis…truly…

One thought on “He said She said

  1. By the end of the day, you are on your own. as you lay on your bed, you breath on your own, you close your own eyes and you dream your own dreams.
    Why bother so much on what other people think of you?!

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