Breaking the ice

And maintaining the conversation…

Last week I was in this class and one of my “classmates” presented his field with so much enthusiasm, I find it hard to take my eyes of him…and listening to his voice.
 He was beaming. His voice was loud enough and I think I saw twinkle in his eyes. He was excited and so animated. Hand waving around, smiling and his tone of voice went up and down harmonically.
During lunch time, he sat next to me. We were at a table of about 8-10 person and most of us has started a conversation on something. I realized how quiet he was. Now and then he would look up, as if wanting to start a conversation but not knowing where to start.
So I asked him something about his field. In a split second, he started to light up again. He answers my question with so much enthusiasm…it makes me smile deep inside.
At that very second I realized something, I always know how to break the ice…but never really succeed maintaining the conversation. I always finding myself struggling to ask more cuz I am so afraid of “touching the sensitive issue”…
Anyway…how to break the ice?
Easiest way is to catch their eyes and smile…
…followed by a simple comment on something light…e.g “the class is so interesting!” or “I think it is gonna rain!”….something that your new-friend can add in.
Or just ask their name…but more often than not, I asked people their name when we are about to part. I have that habit…. and I find it easier to memorize their name that way…
And then what? How to maintain the conversation?
I guess keep on asking question…share a little of your stories…smile some more and ask them some more… 😉
 I am not sure….like I said….i know how to break the ice…but then what?!

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