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1) Wife-hood and motherhood not the only ways to paradise. by  

“Why, as a general community, are we not putting the same pressure on women to encourage them to continue to seek Islamic knowledge? Higher education? To make objectives in their lives which will carry over and aid them in their future familial lives, if such is what is meant for them? Perhaps it’s because we’re obsessed with the idea that women need to get married and become mothers and that if they don’t, they have not reached true success.”

“You just need to think harder about the “single at heart” option than the “coupled at heart” option, because the latter is just assumed. It’s our mental and cultural default option.”

There are so many more articles written by the knowledgeable person out there. Just be careful of what you are digesting…you might get intoxicated…
I am getting immune to the question why am I still single? Why am I not looking for a husband?
Or the question that can make me roll-my-eyes 3600  “Why didn’t you want to be with him? Is he not good enough for you? Why are you so choosy?”
How should I answer that?
I know they meant well, but I wish they do understand that it is not the topic that we want to talk about on daily basis. We have so many more things to do, to think about, and to discuss with you. So why oh why are we bombarded with such questions as if not getting married is the worst thing ever?
By the way, do you know that “spinster” actually mean a woman who is economically independent who could support themselves by spinning wool? (Bella DePaulo, 2010).
Notice how we changed the definition of the word into some women nowadays dreaded?

It is a shame on us.

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