30 and single?

I heard somewhere that if you are single by the age of 30, you will become self-sufficient. You know and you do rely on yourself… it become harder for you to rely on others and….
…and maybe that is why it is getting harder for you to find your lifetime partner…
Sure…you do socialize…your mum introduce u to a dozen girls or boys…but none meet the criteria…have u ever thought that it is not because they are not good enough, but it is because you are so self-sufficient till you don’t find the need to have someone in your life…(you even plan to adopt a child)…
Imagine this….u are in your comfort zone….so why would you want to get out from it?! Especially when there is no need of it…
Generally, self-sufficient means you rely on yourself for most thing. You cook and do your own laundry…you are capable of doing the groceries shopping alone….you can watch the movie alone in the cinema without feeling pathetic at yourself….you enjoy having your meal alone….in the same time you have such a great group of friend…..(in other words, u r not a total recluse!)
Some may even define self sufficient as someone whose personality is vibrant and have a strong functioning social network and not in any committed-i-want-to-marry-you relationship.
As a muslim we were encourage to get marry when it is time, when we are ready.
For me the key-phrase is “Open Your Heart”….if its time for you to get married, then you will get married. Don’t concentrate on it too much, you’ll end up depressed.
Don’t completely forget about it, you’ll end up rejecting everyone….

One thought on “30 and single?

  1. everything happens at its appointed time.

    a flower fully blooms given time. rush and you'll tear the blossoming petals.

    the moon shall not overtake the sun, nor the sun overtake the moon before its turn.

    know what an extraordinary (in other words abnormal) growth in human cells are called?


    the challenge is to keep growing well in a cancerous world.

    kullu man alaiha faan ~ Ar Rahman verse 26

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