know thy self and you will smile know the reality of this world and you shall be unperturbed in it to not just be awake, but also having awareness to learn, but not just to know man arafa nafsah, fa qad arafa rabbah know thy lord, and thy slavehood and thy shall be free in a world shackled calm in an agitated world JUM!!!

By Anonymous on Unclutter my cluttered mind on 3/23/12

in love with this comment (not the commentator… 😛 …) Did some reading on the phrase “Man ‘arafa nafsahu faqad ‘arafa Rabbahu” “…it means “Whosoever knows himself knows his Lord.”

forgive me if i am wrong, still need to learn a whole lot more but i believe this is something worth sharing…..lets do more reading folks…

but apart from that i’ve heard hundred times on how if we admire the greatness of the world..the mountains and trees and how the sky held up so high by nothing…and how the river flows to the sea and the gravity keep them down (or attached to the world..if i may) … or what a mystery the human brain is … we will see how great our creator is and how small we are as human….

Allah gave us all the blessings and pleasures in this world…the ability to breath…good health…ample time (that we wasted mostly on FACEBOOK! 🙁 ) and every little blessings that we get … and what do we do? We complain and complain some more…

Say thank you Allah …

Thank you Allah …

…slowly life is more than just life….

One thought on “knowing…

  1. oh we talk about love too much, but not knowing what love is.

    we lust for the conception of love, but never love itself

    what most of us are doing is merely trading feelings
    hoping our exchange will be honored and reciprocated likewise

    but Love is ever giving, never demanding to take.

    we are a world in lust, very few in love.

    like sugar so in love with water, no trace of it remain but the sweetness

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