Unclutter my cluttered mind

Wow life has been crazy hectic

Not a single day passes by when I even has the time to laze around and said…boringnyaaaaa


I am grateful

Till this very day, I have to plan my ‘lazy day’…like what I did last Saturday

I stayed at home..watching tv…playing with my gadgets…some housechores and I am as happy as I can be…

In the evening went to Telaga Air Waterfront …the view was so calming…watching people fishing…hearing the water splashing softly against the old-wooden sampan ….just my kind of relaxing-therapy

picture taken at Telaga Air Waterfront, Feb 12 2012

and later in the evening went to watch football match at the stadium….(turns out that match caused much chaos later…hah…even as a “kaki bangku” I can see how biased the referees are….)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcTykea4BKA&w=420&h=315]

agak memalukan la nangga org kedirik gaok kedak tok….p ney gaya…bukan football fans nang fanatik skit ka? huhu

…anyway it was a great fun….

… eat homemade beef-cheese burger later that night and as my ‘bed-time-story’, I watched Grey’s Anatomy….

(yup…I m still a hardcore fan of that sappy-tv-series)

picture stolen from “Greys Anatomy’s Fan Page” on FB

And what they say is true…good things in life comes for free…(though getting to Telaga Air cost me some money for the fuel n such … haha )…but still…the good things in life comes for free…the scenic view … the clean air … the happy feeling … it comes for free …

Appreciate what you have is more than enough to make you happy … look around you and accept things as positively as you can and you will be happy

Someone told me, “mun kitak faham sesuatu perkara, kitak akan tersenyum jak sentiasa”… eg. If you can understand why someone is so hot-tempered, you will simply smile when they start to lose their temper at you … cuz u understand that that is their weakness and you know that there is no point in arguing back with someone who already loose ½ of their rational-thinking …

I wanna be that person … the person who is calm and smile so sincere …their smile can bring happiness into someone else’s life…

JUM! 😉

One thought on “Unclutter my cluttered mind

  1. know thy self and you will smile

    know the reality of this world and you shall be unperturbed in it

    to not just be awake, but also having awareness

    to learn, but not just to know

    man arafa nafsah, fa qad arafa rabbah

    know thy lord, and thy slavehood and thy shall be free in a world shackled

    calm in an agitated world


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