a year later

A year later

A year later…what have I learn?

So much…

Slowly I realized that I’ve learned so much more since the last couple of years than I ever did in my entire life before.

Unfortunately…it is nothing compared to everything else that I have yet to learn…to discover…

Remember how we tend to sigh when the rain fall?

We would say… “aie! Hujan hari!”… with disappointment in our voice…

Normally we failed to realize how blessed we are for the rain… not to mention the rainbow that comes after the rain…oh..and the silver lining before the rain itself!

Same goes with the troubles and challenges in our life.

Be grateful cuz it’s true what they said, “ada hikmahnya nanti”…

Keeps this in mind when you are being challenge by people surrounding you…by life…by yourself…

p/s: someone tweeted this Facebook becoming more a place for preacher-wannabes, critics ala-Simon Cowell, free-advertising & bragging egos. I’m reducing my visit.

As an untrained blogger…saye terase..haha….oh well… 😛

One thought on “a year later

  1. a worthy lesson is the one learnt that increases our “humane-ness”.
    many might have claim to “experience”, but it comes to nothing if the degenerate as human beings
    leaving behind an empty, insecure human shell.
    whose value is dependent on external factors (social status, professions, education etc…)

    we are already God's best creation.
    our mission is only to discover why.
    the what which is intrinsic in us.

    like gold whose value is in itself, and not paper money that is leveraged on economic reputation.


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