cari cari carilah pasangan hidup betul2 owh kawan….

Smile each time i hear the song….so true…our lifetime partner can either make us happy during our lifetime only or during our lifetime as well as akhirat….

Ko blom kawen!ape ko tau?

So desu ne


On the same topic….wahai friends yg merupakan isteri…

Its not once or twice i heard how ur hubby tell others how blessed he is to have u in his life…

U have a husband n a baby and roof to shelter ur family n food to keep all from starving and the list goes on n on…

Bersyukur and please please please..jaga aib suami

Jaga aib suami

Jaga aib suami

Jaga aib suami

Now i truly understand why org tua said, jangan sesekali masuk urusan rumahtangga orang lain

Now i truly understand why the psychologist said communication is the key

Now i truly understand why ustazah remind us that the purest love of all is loving Allah

I heard this on the radio…

Try to please everybody n u will end up getting hated by everyone

Try to please your creator n others will love u more…

Dont forget to read *keindahan Islam*…it may seem the most fundamental thing but for me its an eye opener…we already know most of the thing the author mentioned in the book…but reading it again somehow give us a new perspective…

Bukan nak berkhutbah…tapi nak perbetulkan diri jua… 😉

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One thought on “cari cari carilah pasangan hidup betul2 owh kawan….

  1. True.
    Experience is the best teacher.
    But it doesnt mean you have to go through it all for you to be able to learn something.


    You will definitely learn a whole lot more.

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