Mr. Know It All

Ever heard on Hitz.Fm about how much we are wasting our energy on petty stuff like gossiping and getting angry at another driver on the road or something like that?

In other words how we sometimes tend to care over stuff that we shouldn’t have acknowledge at all in the first place.

Lately such thing has been playing on my mind.

It’s easy to get angry at another driver when they overtake us so carelessly like they are the only driver on the road…but for me, its only for a split second … then I am back to my normal self…singing happily to myself.

My question is, what about when I told a friend about that incident later?

e.g a driver is driving so carelessly and he almost crashed into me as I was driving to work. Once at the office, I ran into a colleague and the first thing I told her was how I almost get into an accident…

So my question is, do that means I haven’t let go of the incident?

This is the petty stuff…

There are larger stuff that sometimes people TOLD me that I haven’t let it go… and I would just stare at them, deep inside I asked myself…how on earth can this people tell me what I ‘feel’?

But I am too polite to tell them to STOP TELLING ME WHAT I FEEL …and I just let them say what they want…but more than once I lost my cool and I told them flat to stop doing what they are doing…that would leave them speechless and so far I haven’t regret telling them … sure … that would create a barrier between us but at least they finally realized that they didn’t know everything…especially when it comes to other’s feeling…

Come on people…that is not emotionally intelligent…that is PUTTING WORDS in other’s mouth… and being me…I wanna say my own words at my own tone at my own time…

NUFF said….

2 thoughts on “Mr. Know It All

  1. only an idiot cares what another idiot thinks 😀

    (not implying anything, just saying)

    knowing is easy, getting it right is harder, doing it is hardest.

    what has all this learning brought us? 🙂


  2. so true…only an idiot cares what another idiot thinks…
    it is easier to tell others to ignore what 'idiots' think of them rather than completely ignoring what the idiot tells us about ourselve…sedikit sebanyak terasa wei…haha…but again…be better each day! 😉

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