Been a while

My last post was on January 12th 2012

I don’t have much to say

Slowly I realized something… aren’t I’m afraid of my own writings? …on how it will effect others?! Especially the weak ones…

So I am taking my sweet time to learn more and more before I dare to post anything serious after this. Even this post can cause me trouble later…i hope is so not my intention…

Anyway…for the past couple of months it has been about finding myself (sounds serious I know!) but what I meant was it is about learning and learning some more about so many things I’ve overlook before. I hope all of us are doing the same.

Someone said, “kalau umur ni pun u masih tak sedar kelemahan you sendiri, pathetic la.”

I couldn’t agree more. Someone said 30 is the ‘optimum’ age. They said “life begins at 30”… 4 more years and there I will be…so yerp…lets prepare ourselves for our ‘30’…

Okey…on the other hand, there has been one thing that has been playing on my mind for the last couple of days.

It is actually wrong to think that we are better than someone else.

Even if that someone has done something so awfully wrong (like a murder or something)…it is still wrong to think that we are better than they are.

More often than not we said/ hear someone said, “tau la aku x bla bla bla….but at least aku bla bla bla…”….spot on!

That is exactly how it all begins!

That is the exact example when we actually thought that we are better than the other person!

So friends, be careful of what you say…its awful enough to think that way…it is actually worse if we say it out loud…cermin diri dulu sebelum berkata2…kalau insan semulia Rasullullah pun merendahkan diri..apatah lagi kita yg serba hina ni? Right?

Allah lebih mengetahui… 😉

p/s: RT altimet: “Orang terambil kasut aku kat masjid tadi. Panas hati aku. Probably did something to deserve this.”


Instead of blaming others, he reflect on himself. So should we. Jangan terlalu mengangkat diri sendiri hinggakan kesalahan org lain je yg kita nampak dan hinggakan kesalahan sendiri di depan mata pun kita tak sedar…

Again….you guys know better! 🙂

One thought on “Been a while

  1. words themselves have no meaning.we give it meaning according to our own understanding/definition. the thing that most offends us originates from inside ourselves.

    civilization has spent centuries looking up at the stars,
    but has grossly overlooked their own souls,
    to the extend of denying it.

    refusal to answer is an answer in itself.

    when will our mind be autonomous from our bodily wants?
    before then, we will never ask the most important question.

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