once bitten….

Ever heard of the saying, “when one door shut, the other opens”?

Most of us, (hokeyyymost of depressed people) stares too long at the closed door till they miss the open door behind them.

Changes are scary cuz we can never predict how things will turn out.

In the same time, there is also a saying that sounds like this, “once bitten, twice shy”. This is also so true.

Experience supposed to teach us something we can’t learn anywhere else. Pain and loss is the best teacher anyone can ever have.

It’s your choice.

If you keep on saying it’s totally not your fault, then you will never learn. You will never improve! I mean why would we want to learn when we believed that we are already the best?! Right?! Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s their fault. But most of the time it’s the fault of both party. After all it takes two to tango!

Tepuk dada tanya selera.

There are times when I am thankful for all the messy choices I’ve made throughout my 25years of life. Though there are some faults that will keep on haunting me, I know I can never learn if I do every single thing precisely right. Now I truly understand why my parents let me make my own decision when its time. It is because they want me to learn. They want me to live through it. If they keep on making the decision for me, I will never learn. I will never be able to see thing as I can see it now.

I am not encouraging you to make messy choices or choices that are obviously wrong. I am encouraging you to learn from the mistakes you’ve made. If you believed that you’ve never did any mistakes, then learn from others. Read and pay more attention. Be a good listener. Listen more and you will be amazed at things you will learn.

But hey…I am just 25…what do I know right? haha….ambil yang ada isi, ignore yang kosong aite! I was just saying! After all I love love love to talk (or blog)… 😉

3 thoughts on “once bitten….

  1. can you really fault them? isn't it part of “education” to teach people to be the “best”? doesn't that imply someway, somehow, you are indeed the best? i'm not questioning the aim but rather the belief that is imbibed by people today.

    the “i am better than you” mentality.
    has resulted in a sanitized generation of drones that cannot nor will not deal with things in a direct and personal manner.

  2. Dear anonymous,
    what you said is indeed true. We were told to believe that we are the best.

    But we were also told to 'back-down' and to apologize in some cases. Although sometimes, in our point of view, it is obviously not our fault. This is what i am implying here. Sometimes we need to admit our weaknesses so we can improve ourselves. In every problem that arise, there must be our fault somewhere. Something we overlook somehow…no matter how tiny it is.

    forgive me for any mistake. 😉

  3. and a common mistake we make is in assuming experience comes with age.
    it does not.
    as if its the natural order of things.
    just like how life today is put in stages from cradle to the grave.
    (i.e: preschool-school-uni-work.. etc)
    experience don't just happen. 2 people can go thru exactly the same events but end up two totally different kind of human beings.
    sadly, in our rush to “go with the flow”, we dont even put conscious thought in our own lives.
    God does not work like a factory. where everything is normalized and standardized that fits comfortably under a normal distro curve.
    each human soul has its own life.
    the tragedy of the day is that everyone is living someones else “life”.
    we never grow up no matter how old we get.
    we are still slaves.
    only the master has changed.

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