Losing something i’ve lost

I have lost so much
But I have gain so much more
I’ve lost few important people in my life
Those that I wish would stay around longer
But that is life
Life offer lost along with love and something…(read it somewhere and now I couldn’t find the article. I believe it is from one of the article on Psychology Today..)
Anyway, me and the author think alike (*I’m beaming proudly*)..haha….. anyway, me and him think alike. Just days before reading the article, i’m missing one of my best friends so badly, so in tears, I told my other friend how much I miss that one person and how badly I want things to go back to where they were once again.
I told him I felt like I’ve lost so much this year and feels like I cant stand another lost. I was clearly thinking as I was saying (or typing) it out loud cause my next sentence sounded something like this; “but in the same time I gained so much more”
Truth is I did.
I’ve lost my best friend due to some misunderstanding between us and it breaks my heart and I miss her so very much.
But in the same time, I found someone new, a new best friend that I only met months ago but bonded almost instantly. We are crazy about each other and I am glad I found her.
It’s the same with other aspect in my life. Sometimes I felt like I’ve lost so much but truth is, why mourn over the loss when I have so many other things, good things, still around and they keep on coming.
So please be thankful for what you have. Others lost so much more than we can ever imagine and still they wake up everyday, they heart aching but they smile and face the day as positively as they can.
Smile as much as you can….but most of all, stay calm. Don’t be too excited or too sad…moderation! 😉

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