Big S or Big ASS? :P

So yesterday was another genetic class for me

in genetic studies we conventionally designated letters to represent the allele (factor)…
for dominant factors we use capital letter and for recessive we use small caps
for yesterday class, somehow the letter that i use is S
so its “big S” for dominant factor
and “small s” for recessive..supposedly i said “little s” rather than “small s”…but its easier to say small than little….
so as i was saying “big S and small s bla bla bla…”..then “big s”some more…and “small s” …i said it so many times cuz i need to explain it to them
that is when i notice the boys (sitting at the far end of the class) grinning so widely at me. some even start to giggle…the girls are smiling as well…. that is when i realize something and i started to grin widely as well and without any of us (me and my 100 students) said anything, we burst out laughing……
hahaha…i love such moments in class….i didn’t mean to sound explicit or anything….but we all have that “naughty”mind sometimes…gila

wow i hope none of my students file a complain against me…a sexual harassment complaint! :p

so all through the class after that, each time i need to say it, i choose not to….i just point to it with my pointer…(n i realized they would smile each time)….
i enjoyed teaching n i hope my students enjoyed my class as well…more importantly…they learnt something from me….

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