15 days ago

The students are back

We are swamp with more work

It used to be admin and research-related stuff only

Now there is teaching stuff as well

Besides humanitarian work


Humanitarian as in the sense of entertaining the student

Who knew students can bring so many dramas in our life?

No wonder some are quite cold

Xlarat nak layan kerenah bebudak semuanya

I m trying my best but the fact that I appear younger than any other makes me the easy target

They even have the audacity to ask me if I’ve graduated


“Kalau saya belum graduate, macam mana saya nak ajar awak?” of course I said it with a smile…

Oohhh…must share with you guys about the 9th Malaysia Genetic Congress

It was a 3 days congress at Pullman Hotel, Kuching

Suddenly I find myself in the working committee just days before the event

The best part is, suddenly I find myself the emcee for the 3 days event

The UKK only emceed the opening ceremony since it was being officiate by our dcm

The rest of that, it’s mine baybeh


I honestly had fun

As stressful as it was cuz so many decision and so many people I need to chase

But it was fun

So people, always challenge yourself to do something new every time you get the chance

(though this is not really new to me)

Met some interesting people

Met some really hardworking people

And makes me wanna be one of them


Apart from that…really need to step up my game

I’ve been running in circle since I don’t know when

Though as a result the circle is getting larger

I refuse to run in circle anymore

I wanna climb the ladder as well

Good Luck to us! 😉

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