I posted the above picture months ago. I was reading a book in a bookstore (ngeso rajinnn…hah hah)…when I came across this chapter ….

So the above picture describes 1 type of insecurity. It is an insecurity that most of us felt from time to time. No…do not deny it. I dare to say that all of us human do feel insecure at least once in our life time.

Another type of insecurity is when you get so obsessively possessive of your love ones. You felt like everyone is trying to steal your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/fiancée/wife/husband from you. You can even feel so obsessively possessive of your child, you are scared that if you let your child play with your friends far too long, your child might love your friends more…hmmmm….

I always remind my girl-friends that being so insecure can be a major turn-off to a guy. Even as a girl, I kinda get uncomfortable around guy who is so insecure, till I feel I am manlier n more masculine than them. ISKKK

I am a true believer of “if you love someone, let them go. If they return, they are yours. If they don’t, they never were”….and also “love is like butterflies. Hold them too tight, and you’ll crush them. Hold them too loose and they’ll fly away”…

I guess the key word is moderation. Never love someone too much till it become an obsession. Till they have the power to scare you, to emotionally-blackmailed you. It is worst if you are in a relationship with someone with superiority-complex plus narcissistic. They will totally have their grip on you if you are so insecure! 60% of your relationship will be misery and worrying and feeling so insecure and obsessive-jealousy…pity you girl…60% misery? U need to reassess your relationship…either change things…or change and start new… 😉

Just have faith. The guy chooses you. Guys flirt around all the time. It’s harmless. It is fun. (Though it is not really accepted in our culture…but every guy did it…most guys did it). Girls did it too…in their own subtle way. Don’t be too obvious of you’ll end up being labeled as _______ (fill in the blank yourself).

Just have faith. The guy chooses you. They call you and they asked you to lunch. They introduce you to their friends (guys wont do that unless they are proud of you.)

Guys are like rubber band…they need to stretch-out from time to time. Then they’ll bounce back stronger than ever. If the rubber band didn’t bounce back, then it’s a low-quality rubber band (ahaha)…but it’s true and same applies to guys. Renung-renungkan.

Be the girlfriend your boyfriend can be proud of. Guys love confident girls. Be moderate in most things (be too confident and you’ll intimidate the male population). Don’t be a turn-off. Be the girl that your boyfriend can show-off to their friends (better yet female friends)… 😉

Lastly….cuz you’re worth it…u totally worth it… 😀

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