just an update

It’s officially outside office hour

But due to my low-tolerance towards traffic-jammed, I choose to leave the office later than the rest of us.

So what is up with me?

Nothing much…

I’ve been running here and there for the last couple of weeks.

Raya has been a perfect combination of family, friends and food.

The fact that I lose few kilos allows me to indulge as much as I can without feeling that guilty.

(and now I am facing the consequences! The event is just few months away and I m as chubby as ever..adoiii)

Last night was such bliss. I want to compliment myself for successfully organizing a reunion dinner for us. (Though there’s nothing much to ‘organize’ really…with facebook everything is so simple n direct).

I highly recommend steamboat for any sorts of casual-fun-friends gathering. Last night was truly fun and I hope the rest of us agree with me.

Thanks to a friend for suggesting Heritage Garden Steamboat, Jalan Nanas, Kuching! 😉

Yesterday is the meet-the-lecturer day for our new students. The fact that my kj chose a picture of me eating (or rather me sitting at a dinner table with fork in my hand n a plate of spaghetti n chips in front of me and me smiling so widely) actually make the hall burst with laughter. The rest of the lecturer has their passport-pic shown….isk…except me…haha…but that’s ok…I love that picture anyway… 😛 and I hope the student will remember me more..ngeh ngeh ngeh…

To you…thanks…you helped me to make this all a reality…thank you


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