Expect the unExpected

I have a rather dire topic this morning.

This is just a reminder to all of us…especially me.

Always expect the unexpected.

I used to feel like it’s impossible to intentionally hurt the person that we used to love…physically or emotionally.

But now I know it’s so possible.

Forget the unintentional ‘wrestling’ that happens when 2 people get caught up in the heat of an argument or such.

When our emotion hijack our rationality, even the sweetest person can be a cold-hearted-murderer.

I know someone who is so realistic I used to think it’s ridiculous.

But now I understand that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Should you have an ugly-messy breakup/divorce, never be too safe.

Even if you have a clean breakup/divorce u can never be too safe.

Heh… if you don’t even have any breakup/divorce u can never be too safe.

Like I said, people can be crazy.

Lack of emotional control and lack of faith, god knows what people are capable of.

As for us, keep our emotion in check.

Stay calm.

Never be too happy or too sad.

Don’t force yourself to laugh when your heart is hurting.

Try harder to remain calm instead…and smile more.


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