There must b a reason why we get along so well
Though we met not so long ago….felt like we’ve known each other for a lifetime
The vibe we send to each other is crazily synchronized (synchronize?! Iskk…xjumpa better word)…..
I hope its d same way around
There is no way we can fake our chemistry attraction rite?
I m excited today cuz if everythin goes on smoothly,
The present from me will reach its destination
We love love love to eat..though we can be picky at times..
But i m sure, this present will make everyone happy!
Especially me….hehehe……(fiela over excited! Iskkkk….)

Cant wait to meet again! Although my heart breaks each time i left….but i promise….jika ada jodoh….i will return! 😉

P/s: i m single…stop saying i have a boyfriend! Start praying for me instead! :p

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2 thoughts on “Kerinduan

  1. is this a sweet miss or bitter miss? rindu wak menak au senyum adep2 ka sama tan dagen cita malay drama, menaban gaber someone while munguk bersandar baw katil beh in laid the picture onto your chest and smile alone? the way, liluk bak susui pasel layout blog be'eu keau, it reminds me of vid clip zee avi's book of morris johnson..

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