Kita tak di janjikan selamanya

So it has been a while since we were together…

Cant really sure what is the purpose of this post…

But 1 thing I’ve been meaning to say to you is, if you can find your inner solace for a moment, can you please forgive me for all the pain we’ve caused to you and your family?

I know you so well till I know it is impossible for you to say it to me out loud, but I do believe that deep inside you knew what happened to us till we are where we are now. You are like a sour-candy with soft-sweet-filling inside…that makes you who you are today…I want to believe that about you and I believe I am right.

Never in a million years had I hated you for anything that had happened. True, more than once, at the heat of the moment, I said, “I hate you!”…like a small child I would cry for all the anger and pain inside of me.

Looking back, I realized how childishly we handled our situation. Looking back, I wish for nothing more than both of us growing up more maturely. It is not too late dear. We need it for our future relationship…you with yours and me with mine.

Send my regards to your sisters. I know everything they did is just a loving-act of supporting and protecting their one and only brother. Same goes to them, if only they can find their inner solace, can they please forgive me for all the pain we’ve caused.

Let us move on.

I forgive you and your family for all the acts and words thrown to my family and me.

We wish for nothing more than leaving this chapter behind…without leaving the lesson learnt from it.

Salam sejahtera ke atas mu…semoga berbahagia dunia akhirat…

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