my cewi-ness! ;)

Another weekend

Another trip to the mainland…

Mainland? Okey…another trip to the peninsular Malaysia!

Last trip was so much fun I cant stop smiling remembering them

But this week has been crazy hectic I barely have the time to blog about it!

My readings are piling up!

Mom is encouraging me to read The Secret!

I am still halfway through E.I (not gonna give you guys the details!)..haha

I am also halfway through Novel Untuk Asyikin, a Malay novel written by my ayahanda. He asked me to read it for motivational purposes and now halfway through, I can relate myself to Asyikin in that novel…thanks ayahanda…

Just now I went to Centre for Academic Information Services @ Cais …(it’s just a fancy name we have for our library … 😛 ) ..’

Anyway… apart from the dry-facts-academic-only books, I came across a book called “The wound of the unloved’ …. I’ve read the first few pages and felt wow…I don’t feel like I am unloved…I am very much loved especially by my parents and siblings! But I would highly recommend the book for those who always felt unloved and unwelcome and such. The writer is actually a psychologist and the book was written based on his own case studies and such. I believe it can help many of us… the wound of the unloved…hmmm….quite a depressing title…gonna read it anyway! Maybe I will share some of the content later! 😉

Oh well…so much for my update! Thanks for reading! Hehehe…got a flight to catch in 2 hours time and I have yet to pack my bag…

Smile people Smile!

p/s: cewi means excited… 😉

4 thoughts on “my cewi-ness! ;)

  1. lucu lah anon ya.

    some people they just don't know what blog is for. This is your space, you are free to share whatever you feel like sharing.

    kan fiela? chill dear. and btw, i love the black cat! cute gila!

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