Kisah parenting

So last week I was with one of my colleague, who is much older than me, his daughter is my age! Anyway, as I was entering his room, he was listening to a talk about effective parenting. Spontaneously he asked me if I ever listen to such talk.

My answer is truly simple; I smiled (as usual) and told him that I am not ready for such things.

Quickly he drop his smile and in a serious voice he said, ‘inilah masalah orang kita’…har har har…deep inside I was laughing cuz I couldn’t agree more but yet I am one of the typical orang kita! :p

…it takes me a year to stop being bitter about marriage…so give me few more months to stop being sensitive about parenting and such okey? 😉

I know I don’t really have the excuse to say that but owh well (excuses excuses excuses! Stop giving excuses dear!)…gonna read/listen about parenting maybe starting next month or next two months aite? I promise I will start browsing about parenting as well … 😉

Coincidently enough, parenting has come across my mind quite a lot lately… couldn’t really explain why…maybe cuz I am trying to comprehend why people act the way they do and I realized parenting is a big factor in shaping us into who we are now.

Anyway my point is for this entry is, he is right; it is never too early to learn about parenting. (I am 25, how early can it be? Isk) although you are single and it seems like you are nowhere near getting married and such, it is never too early (and never too late either) to learn. Frankly speaking, it is never too late to learn anything….belajarlah kamu seperti kamu akan hidup seribu tahun lagi dan beribadatlah kamu seperti kamu akan mati esok (I totally ruin the phrase but I believe it carries the same meaning)…

Let’s improve ourself! 😉

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