Between just friends and more than a friend… PART 1

So dilly’s daily dilemma today is;

Today’s dilemma comes in from Mr. B who has a close friend who has been his shoulder to cry on for the past 4 yrs. And he’s now fallen for her but hasn’t told her yet. But she’s suddenly been avoiding him for the past 2 wks and he doesn’t know why. Any advice? (taken from here )

Dearest Mr.B,

Call her one last time, if she didn’t answer, text her. Text her and ask her if she is ok. Let her know that if she is in trouble, she can always come to you. Then let her be. She is an adult. She can take care of herself and as badly as you miss her, let her be! Give her some space and when she is ready, she will come back to you. If she never do, means she don’t even appreciate you as a friend…do u want someone who couldn’t even appreciate you as a friend, be your lifetime partner? Think RATIONALLY! Be a man and think rationally.

Be a man and think rationally!

Be a man…

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