Selfish or just surviving?

The more people we met, the more we realized how different yet the same we are!

So there is this girl who is crazy selfish (according to some people)…

She is still a student and should any info regarding any sort of extra class or replacement class fall into her hand, she would definitely not share the info with her other classmates. Then days after the class itself she would casually ask her absents friends why didn’t they attend the class (annoying much? Iskk). If she gets any lecture notes from anyone, she would remind the person not to tell anyone else about the notes. Get the idea?

So, surely her classmates describe her as selfish and ‘hated’ her for that.

My question is, (she is definitely selfish. That is the definition of selfish…) but how wrong is she?

I totally gets the idea of sharing cuz my mom thought me a lotttttttt about sharing. Plus growing up with 2 sisters teach me a lotttttt about sharing everything that can be shared. So of course I am one of the regular people who would share info and notes with my classmates…(baik la konon…chaittt)…haha

But how can it be her fault of not wanting to share the info with the rest of the class? (Of coz it is considered irresponsible should the lecturer asked her to tell her classmates about the replacement and she didn’t but that is different case)…the case here is, she gets the info and it’s not her responsibility to spread it, if others has been on alert just as she was, they too would get the info just as she did…so why is it her fault again?

About the notes…some people are crazy competitive and not wanting to share her lecture notes is totally up to her. That is how she protected her right….if only others has been as hardworking as she is, they too would get the notes…

So is it safe to say that sometimes it is not wrong to be selfish?…she is just trying to survive like the rest of us. She just do it differently and unfortunately annoyingly to the rest of us…right?

My point is, before you labeled others, do try to be in their shoe… 😉

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