this aint a sweet life…anymore

so yesterday i chat with one of my girlfriend…we were talking about what is it about boys/guys nowadays wanna rush into a marriage just after knowing the girl less than a month?

i can truly understand it if the feeling is mutual but how can someone felt the girl is his soulmate when the girl barely feels like she is his girlfriend? worst when she feels like they are just getting to know each other…not even friends yet…extreme case of perasan…not kidding…being in a relationship means there are 2 of u…take note of the other half okay?

now…let’s get back to my real topic today… :p

…it aint a sweet life

so we were talking about guys desperate attempt to find a wife and when the girl said no, they will quickly move on…too quickly…it’s like they were saying,”Ok, so u dont want to marry me. bye’…seconds later,” Who is next?”
To some people it might sound heartless…but it is something that I can comprehend. It will come a point in your life when you truly know what you want and if it didn’t work out, you are matured enough not to mourn over it too long. Ur immune mind n heart (immune of heartbreak) will quickly find a way to get out of the pain and thus you will move on far more quickly.

True enough, for some time you tend to look back n it aches now n then but that wouldn’t stop you from living your life. That is when other people might see you as being heartless or you are just not that into ur ex…so what? Let people think what they want…it’s you who truly feel the pain n joy…not them!
When i was younger, i believe that we can control our feelings n emotion. It’s true that we can’t help whom we fall in love with. However, if it’s a ‘forbidden love’ we can always stop ourselves from falling too far. Believe me, it is possible. That is why there is such term as “move on”! 😉

So girls, this aint a sweet life anymore. I know back in the high school, when we dump our boyfriend, most of them would be left heartbroken and sad for quite a long time and you feel that’s how thing should be. Should they move on far too quickly, your girlfriends and you will simply label him as a ‘playboy’ and that was it. However this is no longer high school. This is the real life. When you broke someone’s heart (no matter what the reason is), they will leave you and move on. That is what we called surviving. Surely you are matured enough not to get mad when they didn’t mourn your lost for too long right? :p

This is life. Prioritize. And being sad shouldn’t be anywhere in your priority list.

Quick tips for moving on;

  1. Cry
  2. Stop crying
  3. Exercise/ just sweat out your frustration! Once I mop my house from top to bottom. By the end of it I was sweating like crazy but feel great! Plus my mum was so pleased with me she cooked me sumthin nice..haha
  4. Start a project…eg paint your bedroom wall! Gardening! etc
  5. Socialize! Make new old friends…
  6. Be happy! is too short for you to spend feeling sorry for yourself!
  7. DO NOT START LOOKING FOR THE NEXT GUY! I not! If its time, then you will fall in love again..if its him then he will swept you off your feet….do not jump into another relationship just cause you are terribly lonely (like me..huhu… I am lonely..single and lonely…but I am happy…it has been a while since my life become this simple! )
be happy people…and you will start receiving positive energy in your life… 😉

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