found this in my old blog…i posted it about 3years ago ( feb 21st 2008)…n i realized how little i’ve changed…but yet i feel so different..(okay…confusing statement by fiela! iskk)

anyway…here it goes…

Updates Updates! Plus “Moving On”

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

  1. I’m no longer attached to anyone. I’m friends with everyone.
  2. I’m gaining weight! (Duhh….that’s not new…it’s a continuous situation in my life)
  3. I’m allergic to chocolate (ahaha…as if)…

Well…I’m just
bored. Feels like wanna type something but didn’t know what to share with all
of you.

Lets talk about
moving on shall we? OK. Moving on. Hurm.When we’re reading
a page, once we’re done with one page, we’ll switch to next page right? We won’t
stay at the page hoping it’ll change to next page themselves right?

Life is all about
moving on. Everyday, we do our chores. One after another. We don’t want to
waste too much time on one chores and causing us to unable to complete another.

We should apply
that in other aspect of our life.

Once we get hurt,
we cried. We feel so broken. We cried. We get angry and very upset. We cry. We
fight and scream. We cry. (Or I’m just the one who cry that much? Hehe)

What I’m trying to
say is, it’s ok to cry or to mourn. ( Cry sik semestinya menangis tersedu2
meleleh air mata. Cry means bersedih la. Aiya)

Mourn for yourself
sometime. Feel pity for yourself. Allow you to feel upset and feel low.

But please don’t do
unforgiveable things. For example, no matter how sad you are, it is still
sinful to murder a person. OK? Keep that in mind.

Just that, make
sure you’ll rise again after each cry. Rise again soon enough. Keep in mind
that life is short. If you want to taste everything, you shouldn’t waste too
much time on just one thing.

If you want to
taste the cheesecake as well, don’t eat the whole chocolate cake. By eating one
whole chocolate cake, you’ll feel too full and you won’t be able to enjoy the
cheesecake after that. And don’t take too long to taste the cheesecake. The
taste might change after sometime. Get the idea?

So…move on ok? Life
is too short. So many things to do, so little time to spend.

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