i rarely read horoscope or such…but i do it sometimes n i find it quite amusing….like today’s horoscope reading for Leo;

For a while now, you’ve been biting your tongue about a controversial topic. Fear of confrontation is a common concern, but don’t let this fear keep you from making your stance clear. If you keep holding back how you really feel, the feeling may die — and it doesn’t deserve that. Respect your emotions by sharing them. You know what you need to say to someone, so say it. After you do, you’ll immediately feel liberated and more powerful than ever.

really? i have to share what i feel? what i’ve been holding back? haha….sure enough if i do as the reading tell me….ntah…god knows what happen…but even i know nothing good will come out of it now…i know it far too well..so lets hold back some more and pray things will get better! 😉

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