How insecure are you?

So how insecure are you?

True enough most of us can feel a little bit insecure at times. Like the time when sitting next to a colleague who wore bright pretty colourful shawl with painted face while you yourself wore a black tudung bawal with a pale pale face..haha( example? Cik Afie la..sapa lagik? :P)…but that’s it.. as time flies I forgot about the painted or not painted face and as I speak or as I work, I know I am not any less than any of those painted-face people. Heh heh…

no offence…none of my colleague wore too much make-up..its just enough to cheer up their appearance…I do wish I have more effort to do the same…but oh well..i m a skin-health fanatic…so nope… 🙁

Anyway…what I am trying to say is, it is ok to feel insecure at times. That is how you would improve yourself. Get above it and be better. That is self-critism and it’s ok.

What destructive is when you feel insecure; you tend to criticize that person and failed to criticized yourself as well. Just because he do things differently than the rest of us, doesn’t mean he is wrong and we are right….right? …think about it…what is so wrong of being different than the rest of the world?

When I was little, I was walking with my uncle, there are two path and most of us took the right one (I don’t really know why)…when I feel somebody tug my arm…it was my uncle and he said, “”why follow the crowds?”

I was about 10 at that time but it is something that carved into my mind till now…and to it I stay true. So what if sometimes we are different? So what if we refuse to use iphone and use htc instead (ha ha ha .. 😛 )


Have a nice day and Selamat Menyambut Pesta Keamatan dan Gawai! 😉

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