Megaquake; hour that shook japan

A quote from one of the survivor,”the scariest part of being in an earthquake is being so hopeless. The earth decided to move n u just have to move with it.”

Tringat i get upset when friends started sharing the tsunami video minutes after it happens…..come to think of it…i was upset cuz i was so scared…god knows how i feel at that time….

There r two types of quake…horizontal n vertical…the more scary one is vertical…the earth would move up n down..n up n down…i experienced it first hand few days after the megaquake…even if it did happened before,i wouldnt notice it cuz its quite small…but the one that happen days after d megaquake, there is no way anybody can missed it….

I was on skype with my mom n brother at that moment….luckily we were done talking n they r watching tv here in malaysia while i cont with my packing there…suddenly the earth shook….i remembered trying to reach for my mouse to disconnect the skype-call (dont want my mom to know its happening at that moment)…but the whole house was shaking like crazy i cant even reach the mouse! My hand was inch away from the mouse but yet i can reach it cuz my entire body was shaken up n down cuz of the quake…it was crazy!!

“Fear is only natural…but combatting the fear is the responsibility of performing my duty” a japan fireman…

3 aftershock after the megaquake measured at 7 on the richter scale….aftershock at 7!

First its the megaquake…then its the 12feet(?) Tsunami…then its the radiation-plant explosion…then its the aftershock…

The japanese are great….they respect others n their level of consideration is high…and even higher during disaster…they have their own saying of “bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh” n they stay true to it till the end….

Days after the megaquake, the only advertisement on tv was about being considerate, being together n being with family….there r only 3 advertisements they played again n again on tv…

God i miss japan…especially shinjuku n shibuya n my own little pink apartment that i live in alone for two years…if the wall can talk, they will tell you guys everything…all the ups n downs i had there…i hope for nothing more than being alone that two years prepare me even more in facing this world.

More than anything else, i miss my friends there…friends whom tried the best they can to console me whenever they can. I was the youngest among them n i know i took a great advantage of that by being the most spoilt one as well (haha)…but my friends there are amazing. I dont have a lot of friends but the one that i have are amazing…truly amazing….n i love them dearly…

n right now i m missing them…all the jonathan’s n starbucks’ n ginza’s n tully’s n all the place we can hang out n eat n have coffee n then karaoke or walk endlessly…window shopping…or shopping….or just sit n talk n talk n talk….

so often i would order my caramel steamer at starbuck (which is not available here…muchhhh to my dismay)…and just sit there alone n watch as the world goes by…my mind would race against time…trying to analyse my life as quickly as possible n trying to make the most out of it…my fav starbuck is the one at south terracce shinjuku…the one towards takashimaya….should u have the chance to go to shinjuku, just go to the south terrace (just outside the train station…through south exit, if i m not mistaken)….

and another fav of mine is the one at shibuya. If u go through the hachiko exit, u cant miss it…its located just nicely next to the great crossing of shibuya n u can sit on the 2nd floor n just watch hundreds of people cross the road every minute! U can see all sort of people there….all sort of people…tourist n locals all adding colours to the area…

Another one is the one also in shinjuku..but this one is tully’s cafe….a friend of mine show this place to me n i love it cuz we had a some great time there together… 😉 this one is located inside a shopping mall….i cant remember what but if u go through the kabukicho(?) exit, turn right then walk towards the yodobashi camera…the shopping mall i meant is located accross the street from yodobashi camera….on the meiji-guro avenue…

Almost every saturday or sunday i would take the train to shinjuku from tokaidaigakumae…the ride is about one hour, 680yen(?) on the odakyu line….sometimes i would stop at yoyogi-uehara to take the chiyoda-line…this one is the subway n its a lot more cheaper! I think chiyoda-line is under tokyo metro…dats y its cheaper….along the way we would pass the famous harajuku, the glorious omote-sando, the formal kaisumigaseki n so on… 😉

Miss japan….

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