i love clouds!

I dont know why but i truly have cloud-fetish! Pretty clouds makes me feel all happy and motivated….(till i reach the office and realized how banyakkkk my work is..huhu)

one thing i’ve slowly admit is, i dont think i will be able to find someone new if i didnt take a better care of myself. Especially in body-weight area! The older i get, the more i realized that love is not the only thing that matter. Most realistic guys want a healthy woman to be their lifetime partner. Obesity=unhealthy. Enough said!’
But the one thing that comforts my ‘unhealty heart cuz its covered in fats’ is, someone keep on saying this to me, ýang luaran tu boleh di ubah. yang penting dalaman. yang dalam kalau buruk, buruklah…susah nak ubah.’ Meaning we can be slim or fat, it doesnt really matter. What truly matter is our soul…
but i wanna be healthy for myself and insya allah for my future family! i wanna have kids and raise them healthily…i hope i will be blessed with a healthy husband and care enough for my well being as well!
I am 25 and someone else told me that my body is actually screaming for me to get marry! Screaming for me to find someone so i can settle down and start a family with. Honestly, i do feel that way sometimes…i just want someone to come home to after a hard-day at work. But i am definitely not going to settle with just anyone! Its for a lifetime…not a day or two.
Some of my friends are having their 1st or 2nd child. Perfect timing! by the age of 50, their child would be 25..just starting working hence insya Allah can help them to take care of themselves by then.
as for me…should i get marry in 5-6 years time, my 1st child would probably still studying by the time i am 50…shedih..haha
but i’ve learned my lesson…in life we can plan and decide and act…but the end result still rely on Yang Maha Esa…all we can do is berusaha and tawakal…
here is a quote that i truly love lately;

Anyone can become angry – that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, & in the right way – this is not easy. ” aristotle
have a great day people….lets spread the love around! 😉

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