Empathy part 2

Empathy means “the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings,
thoughts, or attitudes of another.‟

I am still on this topic cuz someone said something to me yesterday and it broke my heart.

A friend of mine and I was talking when we suddenly start to talk a little about me. I tell that
friend about how I feel regarding what I‟ve been through emotionally for the past couple of
years. Before I knew it, I let my guard-down and at that moment of time, I appear weak in my
friend‟s eye.

Based on what my friend told me after that, gives me the idea that that friend is actually
some sort of „disgusted‟ (couldn‟t find a better word to describe it! )…well…that friend is
some sort of „disgusted‟ at my weakness. My friend is going through a bigger issue in life and
seeing me being weak make that friend feels like I am belittling my friend‟s problem.

It broke my heart cuz sometimes I need a soft spot to fall. I have been holding myself
together for so long and why owh why at the moment I choose to „let go‟ a little, I am being
judged? And being told straight to my face that, “you are weak!”…

I told myself that I am strong and that person just didn‟t know me that deep…thus I hold no
grudge! 😛

I remember telling myself that I do not need to explain this to my friend…but I am sharing this
here cuz I hope at least someone read this and learn to have more empathy and sympathy in
their heart.

I am not asking you to console each and everyone but think before you judge and think twice
before you say anything. It is better not to say anything at all then. It wouldn‟t hurt you to be
nicer to others and it would make you feel better if you can make someone feel better.

We all need reality check from time to time but if a friend is just looking for a shoulder to
lean on, don‟t give her a slap-in-the-face instead…

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