It breaks my heart knowing some people didn’t have empathy at all.
It is true we cant help hurting the person we love sometimes, let alone the one we fall out of love with…
But how did u have the heart to make her/his life as miserable as it can be?
Where is your empathy?
Ada pepatah melayu mengatakan, ‘jauh berjalan, luas pengalaman’…
so my question is, haven’t your experiences teach you enough?
Or you are just too narcissistic to really learn anything life has taught you?

And my other question is, how can someone like me, who barely have any experience can feel the empathy? Don’t tell me I m not in the situation thus I do not understand.
I am in the situation… I am not just the spectator here. So where and how did you manage to act so heartlessly? Worst to the person you’ve known for years….the person u once loved so dearly…

One of the greatest lesson life taught me was…we are nobody. Who are we to judge, let alone to punish anyone for the wrong things they did.

Cermin diri dulu. Kalau insan sesempurna Rasulullah SAW lagi mampu memaafkan…apatah lagi kita insan hina?

Stop dear…please stop…hurting and humiliating her/him wont get you anywhere…it will only backfire…and one day you will regret for things you said or did…

Please…stop…move on and be happy…let her/him be happy as well…you both deserves to be happy…

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