there is this person i knew

lets call that person ‘pumpkin’
so pumpkin recently went through a really bad breakup
the relationship that lasted for years suddenly gone overnight
surely pumpkin see this coming months before
but being pumpkin, pumpkin didn’t give up and try and try and try to make it work
but pumpkin’s partner has fall out of love with pumpkin
and when that happened, nothing much can be done
love is a feeling and i believe we can’t fake it
how much can we fake our own feelings?
we can pretend for a day or two..or maybe a month or two…then what happened?
but the thing about being an adult is, we have our responsibility
relationship is not entirely about love
its not like taylor swift’s song
its a far more realistic than that
we cant fake loving someone…but we can try to love them
to accept them as who they are
to respect their strengths as well as their flaws
accepting them while encouraging them to be a better person
pumpkin told me
the thing about being realistic is, if we are too realistic, we tend to be pessimist
and i couldn’t argue with that
the world is so much colder than it is
as i grow up and meet people, i realized the sweetest person can be the one who has the “hati paling busuk’
but being me, i want to stay as realistic as i can be
but i also refuse to let go of my ‘fairy-tale’ dream
i know i can find a balance
someone told me that i want an ‘idealistic’ partner!
someone told me,’stop my angelic attitude!
and in my mind i scream! WHAT? so i have to settle with whomever?! so i have to behave like crazy rude n such?
sometimes people said crazy things to me and drive me crazy!
i m not an angel…i know my flaws..but i am trying and trying to be the best i can…being human, sometimes i lost it and went crazy! that is me…
i have no idea what is the main point of this post..i am lost as well…haha….
ambik yang baik, buang yg buruk ok… 😉

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