Tgh tggu zerd coming out from her hotel room..she is staying at merdeka palace…as a local,i dont think i would advc tourist to stay here. I would suggest them to stay either at crown plaza, fort margharita or hilton instead. Not only the hotel service are better but also because it is located at the heart of the tourist spot. Within walking-distance as well,u can take the perahu tambang to reach to the other side of kuching (seberang..which is the petra jaya)..where the malays village are located…n u can enjoy local malay food there.

Nuff bout that. S i am waiting..i turn off my car engine…green-lover…but now i m starting to sweat…hhuhu..panas bah kuching…camney tok? Nak tinggalkan kreta camya jak,i dint park at the designated place..pcoma knak saman lak.huhu

Ok…lets get the update

Update bout my life ler… :p

I have started working…i m getting overwhelmed sometimes… i m nervous all the time but excited at the same time….

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